Magnetic Chores/To Do List with Check Off Box for Kids Custom 3d Printed 7 x 6 x .375 inches


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This Custom 3d Printed To Do List is a great way to bring organization to your kids lives! If they are struggling with keeping up with their chores, give them a visual cue that reminds them they need to do their chores, and gives them the satisfying of moving the marker over to the Yes box when they accomplish their goals!

Studies have shown that when a child has visual cue when they need to get something done, they are more likely to accomplish that task. This makes that visual cue both fun to look at and very functional.

The whiteboard is removable and easy to write on, for easy task switching. The square marker for yes and no is also removable, in case you or your children wanted some different colors there. Speaking of colors, this piece is totally customizable! I have a wide range of colors to choose from, and I can change the text to anything you would like. Just make sure you feel the “personalization” box when you are ordering!

This piece was designed to be stuck on a fridge or metal surface, as it has slots for four magnets in the back, that are very strong but not too strong to where it’s difficult to pull off the fridge. If you would not like the magnets, please message me after purchase and I won’t include them.

This piece is pretty large, at 7 inches tall by 6 inches wide and 3/8 of an inch deep. If you would like it in a different size, please message me.

Thank you for considering me, and have a good day!


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