Machining Endmill Protective Cover Pack of 15 Any Size or Color


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This is for machinists, like me, who have endmills banging around in their toolboxes. I can’t tell you how many endmills I’ve pulled out of my drawers with chipped corners. It is so frustrating when I can no longer use that endmill because the corners are chipped from hitting other endmills in the drawer. This simple solution I came up with solves this problem!

These 3d printed machining endmill protective covers can easily solve the problem of loose endmills banging into each other. It can also help you organize your unboxed endmills. For example, I have the white covers for my roughers, and I use the red covers for my finishers. You can take it so much further, and I have the flexibility to do so, with the ability to print these in any color!

I can also print these in any size, metric or standard, I will send you an email after purchase that will ask you all these questions about size, color, etc.

These are also insanely cheap, as I am offering 15 of these at any size for just 5 bucks!


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