Glow in the Dark Constellation or Zodiac Signs 3d Printed and Customizable


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This amazing product will great with anyone who loves astrology or zodiac signs! Here is the 3d Printed Customizable Constellation Wall Decoration!

The glow in the dark aspect of these prints truly brings them to another level. It allows the product to fully capture the imagination of young kids who might be interested in space, while at the same time creating interesting aspects of home dcor and becoming a conversation starter for adults. This piece truly appeals to all ages, and I am very proud that it does.

PLEASE NOTE: These pieces need to be exposed to sunlight for 15-30 minutes in order to keep glowing blue and bright. If they are not allowed to charge up in the sun, they will slowly fade and the glow turns to green over time. In my personal experience, leaving these in a room that has a window has worked and kept these glowing bright and blue.

This piece is approximately 3.94 by 5.91 inches, although those dimensions can be flipped depending on whether the print will be a portrait or landscape style picture. I will be able to print most constellations, with or without text, just make sure you mention which star system you would like, and whether or not you would like it to be titled. If you would like for me to print something bigger than this, please message me and we can discuss the options.

I would say this is my favorite print I’ve ever done. The combination of creativity and intrigue this allows people, and especially younger kids, to have is truly one of the main reasons I am working hard to turn custom 3d printing into a living.

As always, thank you for your consideration, and have a good day!


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