Customizable Minimalist Coaster Set with Holder 3×3 inches 3d Printed Letters or Logo Printed on Coaster



I wanted to solve the problem of plain, boring coasters at bars, restaurants, and even your own kitchen. I believe the simplicity of coasters makes them vastly overlooked, when they can be utilized as an amazing addition to any setup. Giving them the customization feature and allowing any letter or logo to become advertising on the bar top, or a conversation starter in the home. All at an affordable price!

The minimalist design of the holder allows the customized letter or logo on the coaster to be shown off while also not taking up too much space on the table. The coasters are approximately 3 inches square, which holds most any can, bottle, or glass comfortably. I can print in a wide variety of colors, just about any one you can think of!

As far as logos and letters go, there isn’t one out there that I can’t handle. I will be sure to communicate with you throughout the entire process, and will send you 3d renderings for your approval before I print anything.

These are also very fast to print, so for those in the restaurant industry looking to add some flare to their tables, I can print a batch of these very quickly and efficiently.

I would love to work with anyone who is interested! If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to message me, I would love to have a conversation with you.

Thank you for considering me, and have a good day!

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