Custom 3d Printed College or Grade School Sign’s Any Color or Logo 4×6 Inches


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This is a great way for you or anyone you know attending university or any other type of school to show their school spirit! These signs are 4×6 inches in length and are a little over 1/4 inch in depth. The colors are extremely vibrant and are sure to stand out in any room. Hang them on the wall or prop them up like photos, these guys will work in any instance.

These signs also come with the option of a magnetic stand. This stand gives you the ability to set it up on a shelf or stick the sign on a fridge. It does not add much extra size to the overall footprint and is printed in the same school colors.

When printing in multicolor, I can only print in two colors. If you have something that you would like done that requires more than two colors, please message me. I would love to chat and see if we can work something out.

The shipping timeline is estimated based on the time it takes to finish one piece. If you choose to purchase more than one ( which would be awesome, ) it will take longer to finish and get them shipped out to you. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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