Contact Lens Cutter, Cuts the Packages for Contact Lenses


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The contact lens cutter is made specifically for those of us who wear contacts but have a hard time dealing with the packaging. As someone who wears daily contacts, I have to rip open a new package every day. Tearing these packages apart form each other is quite difficult, and takes a toll on my fingers.

I created this to solve that problem! Made out of high quality materials that can stand up in a moist environment like a bathroom, all you need to do is lay down your strip of contacts, and bring the arm down! It seamlessly cuts right through the packaging, separating your contact lens into singular packs that are much easier to deal with.

Save your fingers, and pick up one of these custom contact lens cutters today!

DISCALAIMER : This product does use a sharp knife and should be kept out of reach from children. This is not a toy and contains a sharp blade. Please take caution when using this product.


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